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guitar LiNdSeY's MuSiC sOuRcE!
An AwEsOmE pLaCe To GeT tOdAyS ToP hItS!
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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member Lyn_Z.

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World/New Age

Welcome to my awesome online music store. You can check out some of my favorite bands and buy any of their albums or u can look for n e thing U want. With this big variety, U can find exactly what U want with no doubt. So which ever way you slice it, you'll get great music at great prices!

They're are an awesome band! Every song on the CD is great, not just 1! They are the best in concert!

feeling strangely fine
Closing Time

Third Eye Blind
They are a great band on CD or in person.

Third Eye Blind (self-titled)
how's it gonna be

Matchbox 20
No matter how much they play em, they're still good!

yourself or someone like you

Beatie Boys
They're crazy and FUN!!

Licensed to ILL
Fight for your right to PARTY

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member Lyn_Z.
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