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Newly Acquired Original Art
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Aside from a complete revamp of the website, I also added the following pages.  Some pages like the Tomb Raider #27 Cover by Randy Green & Jon Sibal are new.  Other pages like Ultimate Spider-Man #29 pg. 20 by Mark Bagley & Art Thibert I've had for a while, but have just now gotten scanned.  Also, I added new scans of Tomb Raider #21 pg. 14 & Tomb Raider #22 pg. 7 by Randy Green & Jon Sibal (Now you can actually see the pages).  These can be viewed on Tomb Raider Original Art Pg. 2 if interested.

Tomb Raider #27 Cover
Penciler: Randy Green - Inker: Jon Sibal

Ultimate Spider-Man #29 pg. 20
Penciler: Mark Bagley - Inker: Art Thibert

Sojourn #18 pg. 21
Penciler: Greg Land - Inker: Jay Leisten

Ultimate Spider-Man #40 pg. 3
Penciler: Mark Bagley - Inker: Art Thibert

Fantastic Four: Big Town #4 pg. 8
Penciler: Mark McKone - Inker: Mark McKenna

Spider-Man Commission
Pencils, Inks, & Colors by Marat Mychaels