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The Magi Network
Julia Outlaw Grant Application
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The Julia Outlaw Grants are designated for individuals and groups desiring to explore UU Christianity and to take the first steps toward founding a new UU Christian church.  They honor Julia Outlaw, a Southern Universalist laywoman active in Sunday school formation and religious education in general.  The Magi Network expects applicants to plan a series or event, open to the public, which would have as its primary purpose education about UU Christianity and its secondary purpose the gathering of a New Congregation Organizing Committee.  It may be as simple as a book study or as elaborate as a worship series. 
Julia Outlaw Grants are available in amounts from $250 to $750 and are intended to supplement personal funds, district and UUA grants and other available monies.  The Magi Network gives priority to applicants who have attended or registered for a New Congregation Development workshop offered through the UUA Extension Department.   Grants are made available throughout the year as groups develop; decisions are made as applications are received. 
Applications are due February 1st and August 1st.  We look forward to helping you fund your dream.  Please contact us at the number below if we can answer questions or offer help.

Phone Number _____________________________ Email_________________________
Outreach Area (the geographic range of your potential congregation)

You are welcome to answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1. Why are you interested in starting a UU Christian church?  What led you to this point?

2. What event, series, etc., are you planning to hold?  Please include expected dates of events/meetings and the names of curricula or books, if you are using them.

3. Whom do you expect to participate?  Please give the names of those who are committed and   your publicity plan to attract newcomers.

4. What is your budget for both income and expenses?  Where else are you applying for funding, and how much are you asking from the Network?

5. What do you envision the church you are starting to be like in five years?  How many people would be worshipping each Sunday?  Would you have a minister?  Religious education program?  What kind of community outreach programs would you be engaged in?

6. Would you like to speak with other people who are involved in starting new UU Christian congregations?

7. Have you contacted the UUA Extension Department?  Have you taken a training in New Congregation Development or registered for an upcoming training?

Please return this application and any supporting documentation to: The Magi Network, P.O. Box 468, Fenton, MI 48430.  For further information, call (810) 714-9214.

The Magi Network is an Independent Affiliate of the UUA and funded in part by the Fund for Unitarian Universalism.