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This list represents some of the more common Goddesses used in the Craft, but by no means is a representation of the number that could possibly be used. Achtland - legend has it she took a giant for husband because no mortal man could satisfy her!

Adsullata - possibly the origin of the Anglo-Celtic sun Goddess Sul.
Aerton - a Welsh Goddess of Fate.
Aife - sister to Scathach, was leader of a band of warrior horse-women.  
Was a lover of Cuchulain.
Aine - an Irish cattle, sun, and fire Goddess.
Andraste - her name means "the invincible one". A war Goddess.
Annikki - Finnish; Nighttime Goddess. Known as "she of good name". As a magikal name, this would be appropriate for work involving the shadow side.
Anu/Anann - Celtic; Irish. Sex and War Goddess. This is a powerful choice for a woman who must do battle on the battlefields of sexual discrimination or abuse. These are powerful names not to be chosen lightly. the empowerment potential from these names is impressive. One very frightened Pagan male said that one never spoke these names aloud out of fear of this Goddess. He was a wifebeater and a misogynist. He had reason to be wary. I hope his wife chooses this as her magikal name. There is no Goddess or God whose name we dare not utter. The Maiden aspect of one of the Triple Goddesses. A Goddess of abundance.
Aphrodite - Greek; Goddess of passionate, sexual love. Aphrodite will assist you in pulling love energy toward yourself. Born of sea foam. A powerful name of beauty, sexuality, love and desire. Especially powerful for work with building self-esteem.
Aradia - Italian; Queen of the Witches, daughter of Diana. Aradia is extremely powerful entity and a protectress of Witches in general. In folklore she came to earth to teach Witches Diana's Magik. A powerful name for a teacher.
Arani - India; Goddess of female sexual fire. For accepting one's own sexuality.
Arianrhod - Welsh; means "Silver Wheel", Goddess of the Full Moon, and the Wheel of the Year. Goddess of the stars and reincarnation. Call on Arianrhod to help with past life memories and difficulties as well as for contacting the Star People. Mother of Llew by Gwydion. A transformational Goddess whose Mother name brings rebirth and acceptance of the Cycle of Life.
Artemis - Greek; Virgin, Huntress. Protector of young girls. A strong, protective name for someone who has been victimized. Goddess of the Moon.
Astarte - Greek; Fertility Goddess, Whether you wish to bear children or have a magnificent garden, Astarte will assist in your desire. Goddess of love. A name which brings us in touch with the most powerful human emotion.
Atlanta - Greek; Would only marry any man she couldn't outrun. A good name for a runner, surely, but also for anyone who seeks pride in her accomplishments.
Athena - Greek; Goddess of wisdom, justice. Athena is a powerful name and a powerful force for change in our lives. To name yourself after the Goddess of wisdom allows great transformation and learning to occur. It is the most worthy name.
Baalat - Means "they lady" A generic name for all Goddesses. A name which  brings the coalition of many thoughts.
Badb - The Crone aspect of Anu in the Triplicity. A war Goddess often associated with the "Ban-Sidhe".
Banbha - One of the three Goddess who tried to keep the Milesians from invading Ireland.
Bast - Egyptian; Goddess of Protection and Cats. Bast is great for vehicle travel as well as walking down a dark alley. Call on her essence in the form of a giant panther to see you through to your destination. A kindly Goddess of joy, music, and orgiastic rituals. A favorite name among cat fanciers. It is a happy, playful, sexual name.
Bean Naomha - An Irish Goddess of wisdom.
Blodeuwedd - A Goddess of the May, she was created out of flowers by Math and Gwydion as a wife for Llew.
Boann - Irish Goddess of Water. The Boyne river is named for her.
Branwen/Branwyn - Welsh; a good name for one who seeks to overcome oppression, leave environments of mistreatment, and listen to words of wisdom. A Welsh Goddess of Love.
Brigid/Brighid - Celtic; (breed) Warrior Goddess and Protectress. The great Mother Goddess of Ireland. Brigid is also a Triple Goddess. She is strong and wise. Call on her to help protect your children in a tough situation. She initiated the use of the mourning cry called the "caoine" or keening after her son's death in battle. Goddess of fertility and inspiration. The Word "bride" us derived from this name. This name brings a fire of change to its bearer. It is for fertility, good fortune, inspiration, and new beginnings. (Also Bridig, Brigit, Brid, Bride, or Bried.)
Cailleach Beare - The archetypical Crone Goddess.
Caireen - A mother Goddess, specifically for children.
Cebhfhionn - A Goddess of inspiration and knowledge.
Ceres - Roman; Goddess of the Harvest. A name which brings abundance and fertility.
Cerridwen - Welsh; Moon and Harvest Goddess, also associated with the Dark Mother aspect of the Crone. Mother of Creirwy (the most beautiful girl in the world) and Avagdu ( the ugliest boy). Also the mother of Taliesin, the greatest of the bards. A beautiful name which brings a cycle of life into focus; a rejuvenating name, a good crone's name. A name for knowledge, wisdom, and magik. Her cauldron of knowledge is famous. She is a Goddess of the moon and grain, as well as knowledge. Generally perceived as a mother.
Chanda - One of the names of Devi, the great Goddess. A unique and powerful name.
Corra - A Scottish Goddess of prophecy.
Creiddylad -  Another May Goddess over whom two warriors must fight to the death for the fertility of the land.
Cyhiraeth - Now much like Ireland's BanSidhe, she was once a Goddess of streams.
Dana/Danu - Irush; Major Mother Goddess figure. Goddess of the Tuatha de Danann (which means "children of the Goddess Dana"). A powerful name for a woman seeking motherhood, coming into her own power, or becoming a teacher.
Demeter - Greek; Earth Mother archetype. Excellent Goddess where birthing or small children are involved. Goddess of vegetation and fruitfulness. A name which brings maternal longing, worry, and sorrow, but also fruitfulness, joy, and bonding with her children.
Dia Greine - A minor Sun Goddess
Diana - Roman; Moon Goddess and Goddess of the Hunt. Diana is many faceted. She is seductress as well as a virgin huntress and mother figure for Witches. A powerful, independent, strong, beautiful, and empowering name.
Dryads - Greek; feminine spirits of the trees
Eire - The Goddess protector of Ireland. The island is named for her
Elphame - Scottish Goddess of death and disease
Epona - A Celtic-Gaul horse Goddess. Epona's legend and myth spread as far west as Ireland, and as far east as Rome. She is the only Celtic Deity to have been worshipped in Roman shrines, where she was known as Eponae. You may know of the horse image cut into the hill as Uffington, England. This was directly linked to her followers.
Erce - A harvest Goddess sometimes symbolized by the Horn of Plenty
Eri - A Tuatha de Danann virgin Goddess