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Graduate in Civil Engineering from College of Engineering, Pune.

Basic course in Computer

Ashoka Fellowship from Ashoka International, USA for awareness in Watershed Development and Management

Three literary awards for two books (in Marathi) on Watershed Development and Water Resources Development.

Life member of Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationist, DehraDun, India


1. Chief Technical Consultant in Tech Aid Pune, Consulting Organisation working in Maharashtra, Karnataka & Madhya Pradesh with various NGOs in the field of Watershed Development.

2. Chairman in Shramvan, Organisation working at grass root in various Rural Development works.

3. Secretary in CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL RESOURCES, Organisation working in research and awareness for Soil and Water Conservation.

4. Founder Editor of PANLOT WARTA, first newsletter on watershed development in Marathi.

5. Trustee in Yojak Foundation for Sustainable Development. Organisation working in research and awareness for Soil and Water Conservation at grass root in various Rural Development works.

6. External guide and examiner for final year projects of Civil Engineering students in Pune University.

7. Consultant to Marathi Vigyan Parishad (Science society) for Ulhas River study project in Mumbai.


1997 - 98, worked as Water Users Association Organiser in EU assisted project on crop diversification through controlled water systems in Konkan, Maharashtra.

1996 - 97, Integrated Village Development in Village Mangivali in Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra.

1995 - 97, Integrated Village development in villages Rajewadi and Navalakh Umbre in Pune District, Maharashtra.

1994, Work on Water Users Association at Hadashi M. I. tank in Pune District of Maharashtra state, for ISPAN, New Delhi, through Tech Aid.

1992 - 97, Integrated Village development on the principles of Watershed Development at Kattanbhavi, Guramatti and Nigenhatti village in Belgaum District, Karnataka.

1992 - 97, Watershed development at village Nimgaon and other five villages in the Pune District of Maharashtra state.

1990 - 92, Integrated Village Development in Village Wavoshi in Raigad District, Maharashtra.


1994, Development of design and model for Composite Water Conservation Structure with less cost and less external input.

1993, Participated in Low Cost Pipe Development project with CASAD.

1992, Development of design and execution of Timber Crib.


1996 - 97, Six training programmes for farmers in Pune District for proper land use pattern, crop selection and Watershed Development.

1995 - 96, Training programme of one year was conducted near Pune for 10th standard drop outs, in Watershed Development with other NGOs.

1994, Training programme for National Social Service (NSS) professors of Pune University on watershed development.

1992 - 93, Training of Secondary School drop outs, in Watershed Development for one year, now they are working with different NGOs.

1990 - 93, Training of A Frame & U Tube for leveling organised for villagers in different villages.


May 1996, Co-Writer of book for researchers and field workers on Water Resources in Marathi - "Maharashtratil Jal Sampattiche Niyojan" i.e. "Management of Water Resources of Maharashtra State".

March 1995, Paper on "Meeting future Water Crises by Concept of 'Pani Panchayat' (Water Council) for sustainable development" for National Seminar at Baroda.

Jan 1995, Paper on "Empowering people with Dissemination of Technical Information on Sustainable Agriculture" for National seminar on Sustainable Agriculture Perspectives of Small and Marginal Farmers at Gorakhapur.

Sept. 1993, Paper on "Integrated Technology for Sustainable Village Based Development" presented at Ft. Collins, Colorado state, USA for International Conference on Sustainable Village Based Development.

Sept. 1993, Paper on "Role of NGO in Sustainable Village Based Development" presented at Ft. Collins, Colorado state, USA for International Conference on Sustainable Village Based Development.

March 1993, Co-Writer and Publisher of First book (IIIrd Edition) for field workers on Watershed Development in Marathi - "Gramin Vikasachi Gurukilli - Panlot Kshetra Vikas" i.e. "Key to Rural Development - Watershed Development".

August 1992, Paper on "Role of NGOs in soil and Water Conservation in India, A case study of Maharashtra state" presented at Kaula Lampur, Malaysia for workshop titled "Roots of life Asia".


1. Working as a technical consultant with Pani Panchayat in District Pune - Pani Panchayat's work is acclaimed world over for sustainable and eco-friendly development of the rural area. In Pani Panchayat Movement, water is considered as a precious commodity and its careful use is ensured.

2. For last ten years, I have been getting a good exposure to various NGOs in Konkan through different assignments. I have a good understanding of local problems, culture and economy. Mixing with rural people, organising their meetings were never a problem for me. Therefore, I can establish good contacts with rural people and with NGOs. I have been associated with NGOs in various capacities and thus, advising them on issues related to rural development i.e. of human relations, soil and water conservation and watershed management. In Jabalpur (M. P.), I was a member of a team to find out watershed based solutions for rehabilitation of the oustees of Bargi (major dam) on Narmada river. I have worked in many other States of India - Karnakata, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh apart from Maharashtra.

3. Last assignment was with a EEC sponsored project in Maharashtra State on "Crop Diversification using controlled pipe water system" M I. schemes as WUA Organiser on EEC technical assistance team in Kalwa, Thane. Responsibilities included were to help analyse the problems associated with formation, acceptance and management of WUAs in various stages of development; and also encourage and guide the functionaries of WUAs. Thus, I had gained first hand experience and contributed substantially to the cause of up-liftment of poor and needy farmers through an international agency.

February 1999 Prasad Rasal

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