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Laish Ya Jar
Laish Ya Jara part~2~Nice song.!
Laish Ya Jara
Childern of peace
This is a nice song you need to hear it (Updated).
Great Msuic good for dancing .
The Inside
The Awakening
7abbeena this is part 2,good for dancing,(hiz ya waaz)lol.
Habbeena Part~2~
1. Katia 7arb - Mafina
Cheb Mami - Viens
Khaled Issa - Foug al Nakhal
Boomtang - Habibi
Myrna Maakaron - Ya Habibi
Amr Diab - Habibi
7 Days in Egypt - Bahlam Beik
Saed Mrad - Qare'at al Fingan
The REG Project - Harem
Fadl Shakir - Ya Ghayeb
Najwa Karam - 3youn Albi.
Gibran's Wisdom (featuring Hasna)
Aasi al Hillani - B7ibbik wiBghaar

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Bayroot - Joseph Numnum
Bayyi Ma Baddou - Nabeeh Sabri & Georgette Sayegh
Wa3edteena Ta7t'l Teeneh

`*:DJ MidNight REMIXES`*:

Turn Me On [ Extended Mix ]       
Sabri Aalil - Sherin Ft. Sean Pual       
Nadeet - 3abas Ibrahim [ Extended Mix ]       
Fatima - 7mood Nasir Ft. OutLandish       
Eng [ Mega Mix ]       
G'ali - Aassi Al 7elani Ft. Fairowz       
Al Risala - 7sien Al Gasmi Ft. Punjabi MC       
Ah Ya 3ieen Ya Liel - Lo2e Ft. Ginewine       
2arabi Liya - Samo Zien Ft. George Micheal       

جورج وسوف
Ambient Remix   بلي تاعبنا

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