Black Rain

He fell in love with his ennui
Happy when he had to be
He grew tired of his agony
But that was just a droplet in the sea

He cries...
Can you see the way I'm wounded?
Can you taste all the falling rain?
Can you hear the way I'm screaming?
Can you feel my pain?

He stands outside in the pouring rain
Hoping he'll never expose himself
Love will never fall upon his heart again
His is just a book upon the shelf


He confused his youth with his destiny
Thinking that nobody cares
His cries were nothing but a tragedy
But he is not a step amongst the stairs



Music by Mantra. Lyrics by Owen Richter. Copyright 2001 Arygle Doren (ASCAP)/Spune Prty (ASCAP)/tonedef (ASCAP)

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