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Mantra's debut DIY album "Glass Prison" has now officially been completed. People who pre-ordered their copies will be receiving them via mail around Christmas. Those of you who didn't pre-order may have to wait a little longer because only 100 copies are being run before X-mas, so if you want a copy, reserve yours today! Those of you who can wait will get the chance to buy it in the month to follow. Here is the track listing:

1. Red Hat (Fred Durst Assault Vehicle) (4:02)

2. Roses On the Floor (3:38)

3. Freak of Nature (3:58)

4. Love Sucks (1:50)

5. Music Box (4:55)

6. Lost In Life (2:26)

7. Haven't Seen Your Eyes (4:35)

8. Before It's Gone (4:29)

9. Ether (4:39)

10. Black Rain (7:53)

Below is the official cd cover of "Glass Prison." It was made by Jake Stevens, the guy who makes all of logos and buttons for the Official Mantra site. Thanks Jake!

Art by Jake Stevens

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