Haven't Seen Your Eyes

Sitting all alone, sitting by the phone
At least for now I'm on my own
Thinking all my thoughts, dreaming all my dreams
At least for now it's nothing as it seems
The girl I love, she just doesn't know
Should I stay or should I go?
Confused with life, unknown is my fate
At least for now I'm too confused to hate

It's not fair
But you don't care
And it's not fair

Because I haven't seen your eyes for a while
And I haven't seen enough of you
No I haven't seen your eyes for too long
And you haven't felt my touch

I long for those nights
When my heart would be at ease
I'd let in a little moonlight
Just to watch you breathe


Music and Lyrics by Owen Richter. Copyright 2001 Arygle Doren (ASCAP)

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