Lost in Life

Stealing all you're given
Believing all you hear
Confirming all of my fears
You say things you don't mean
You mean things you don't say
You think that is okay

You're lost in life, shutting out the world
To run from the problems you breathe
Stolen time is running thin
You can't keep living this way

Hopeless admiration
For the weak of mind
All leaving you behind
Socially impaired
Yet wanting nothing more
Than to open the opened door

Life is in the way
But it's all gone to waste
Life is in the way
But it's too far gone to taste


Mistakes all documented
This is your ball and chain
Hindered by your inhibitions
All this torment just won't wane!


Music by Mantra. Lyrics by Owen Richter. Copyright 2001 Arygle Doren (ASCAP)/Spune Prty (ASCAP)/tonedef (ASCAP)

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