Roses on the Floor

You say all that I want to hear
I know you're insincere
You smile when I sing you a lullaby
I know it's all a lie

You left before I fell
I know you all too well
You think you are above
I know you're faking love

It's a dozen roses on the floor
It's the undeserving asking for more
It's the time I spent loving you too much
It's the distance I've come without your touch

So physical, no love to spare
Time is short but you don't care
Attention span of a three-year-old
You cling to me like a three year cold


I talk where you lie
You laugh when I cry
You leave and I die
And I'm left asking why...


Music by Mantra. Lyrics by Owen Richter. Copyright 2001 Arygle Doren (ASCAP)/Spune Prty (ASCAP)/tonedef (ASCAP)

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