Intro to Yoga and Healing Your Inner Critic for Women

East Bay Healing Collective
Berkeley, CA
Near Ashby BART Station
(address with registration)

Sunday, March 13th
4:30pm to 7pm
$40 Suggested Donation



Saturday, April 2
10:30am to 1pm
$40 Suggested Donation

You are invited to an introductory evening exploring the intersection of Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing Your Inner Critic.  You will gain insights and practices right away to help you transform how your Inner Critic impacts your life. You will learn:

* 3 ways to recognize the Inner Critic.
* Learn how to translate the messages your Inner Critic has for you.
* Restorative Yoga and Breathing Practices for the Inner Critic in your body.

This class will serve to introduce you to some of the fundamentals of a holistic approach to transforming and healing your relationship with your Inner Critic. 


A 6-week group class will be starting at the end of April(details to come) that will cover the introductory material in depth, as well as explore other aspects of the inner critic in body, mind and spirit, as well as provide one-one-one coaching, experiential and mindfulness exercises, yoga practice and group support. 

Limited Space Available - Pre-Registration Required

RSVP Please contact for more information or to pre-register.