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Welcome to the web home of

Najib Bahri

Peace - Arabic calligraphy by Nihad Dukhan

Tunisian native Najib Bahri is a musician who is an inheritor of the
Andalousian style of music that traveled from southern Spain to
Tunisia at the end of the Middle Ages.

Workshop 4/15/00 in Madison WI

Mr. Bahri is a performer, educator, and world-class soloist on the
Darabuka (Arabic tabla, doumbek),
Bendir (framedrum), and
Riq (tambourine)
who has mastered the drumming styles of
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, & Iraq.

Abdelli show 5/13/00 in Chicago IL

Mr. Bahri learned drumming, dance, & song from his uncles,
his father, and at the Music Conservatory of Tunis.
He has a holistic teaching style which includes learning to breathe,
sing, & move with the rhythms of North Africa & the Middle East.

The Hope - Arabic calligraphy by Nihad Dukhan

Najib is currently a teacher at the
Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago,
a member of the Issa Boulos Quartet,
the leader of Najib Bahri & El Amal (The Hope),
and was given an award for his music at the
1999 Palestinian Music Festival.

El Amal at The Heartland, 6/22/00 Chicago IL

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