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Welcome to my Fire/EMS page.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to view my page. Here's a little about myself. I've been a Volunteer Firefighter for approx. 6yrs. I currently belong to the High Falls Vol. Fire Dept. and hold the position of Captain. Along with Firefighting, I became an EMT about 4 yrs ago. I currently ride with the Marbletown Rescue Squad as a Lieutenant/EMT/Driver as well.I am aspiring to become a Professional Firefighter and am currently attending SUNY to aquire a degree in Fire Science. If you have any question's or live near me and are interested in joining an outfit, which I highly reccomend, drop me a line at any time. Thanks again!

Shawn Marks

High Falls Fire Dept.

Location: High Falls, New York, County of Ulster
Company Name: High Falls Fire Dept.
Company Number: #30
Company Status: Volunteer
Average Runs Yearly: 110+
Coverage: Town of Rosendale, Town of Marbletown, Hamlet of High Falls
Personell: View HFFD Personell
Apparatus: View HFFD Apparatus

Visit The Marbletown First Aid Unit on the web. This is my hometown rescue squad. Give it a look-see....

Marbletown First Aid Unit, New York

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