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Enhancements copyright (C) Marcia L. Peters, all rights reserved

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Venus Anomalies

We found this image at and do not have a link to its source. is supposed to be an index to NASA's Venus Magellan images, but several of the links are bad. The imaging technique was some kind of radar - hence the unusual appearance.

Greg Stockton's commentary:

It takes a village! The central building has at least 5 levels--6 if we count the small area in front.  I suspect that we would find 7 levels if we could see it from ground level. There is a street running along the east side of this complex.  Buildings with right angles all over the place.  Is that a stairway leading up the various levels of the main building?  There are windows in the buildings. Is that a protective wall running along the right side of the area, along a ridge?  Does the wall end in a triangular enclosure atop another multi-level building?

The upper left area is completely artificial.  Pyramids and buildings.  The one building looks like Darth Vader's mask.

The extreme foreground also holds a large symmetrical building which is partially obscured.  

Those aren't really shadows on the ground.  Due to thick cloud cover, sunlight doesn't strike the ground on Venus.  So I'm not sure what the source of this dark contrast is.  Anyway, look just in front and a little left of the main building.  That "shadow" looks for all the world like an airplane.  I know it isn't, but why does that design appear in the image?  Is it an outlined depression?