Cards are NM-MT unless otherwise noted.

1957 Sweetule Famous Sports Records  (U.K.)
Paul Anderson, $3.

1979 Brooke Bond Olympic Greats (U.K.)
Vasiliy Alexeyev, EX, $2.50.

1983 Topps Greatest Olympians  (U.S.A.)
Pete George, $1.50; NM-, $1.

1986 Supersport  (Italy)
Norberto Oberburger, $4; EX, $3.

1988 Supersport  (Italy)
Norberto Oberburger, $6.

1991 Impel Olympic Hall of Fame  (U.S.A.)
John Henry Davis, $2.
Tamio Kono, S/O.

1992 Victoria Gallery Olympic Greats  (U.K.)
Vasily Alexeyev, $2.

1994 Question of Sport  (U.K.)
David Wilkie, S/O.

Sports Illustrated for Kids  (U.S.A.)
1996 Naim Suleymanoglu, S/O.

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