Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Bald Bull
From:   Istanbul, Turkey
Age:   35
Weight:   298
Record:   34-4 29ko
WBD Points needed:    999,900 (demo fight)
999,900 (1st fight)
7,000 (2nd fight)

Appears In:   Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Punch-Out!! (ARCADE)
Arm Wrestling (ARCADE)
Super Punch-Out!! (SUPER NINTENDO)
Punch-Out!! (Wii)
Bald Bull's Punch-Out!!

Bald Bull has been in probably the most Punch-out games out of all the characters.  His “Bull Charge” special move has been gaining victories for him for so long until his secret weakness was discovered.  Now Bald Bull gets pwned left and right!  But he is still one of the very beloved characters and a staple of so many Punch-out games; in fact, he even signed a contract with Master Phred to star in his own game, Bald Bull's Punch-Out!! (even though his many appearances are overshadowed by the final boss).
Bald belie dat playa