Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Bruiser Champion
From:   ?????????
Age:   ??
Weight:   255
Record:   48-3 42ko
WBD Points needed:   15,000
Appears In:   Phred’s Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo

Rick’s jealousy toward his brother Nick got so intense, he was determined to beat him once and for all.  He heard of a rumor of Great Tiger once owning a pair of illegal gloves that could guarantee one-hit knockdowns every time.  Crafted by the Magic Ninja and handed down to Great Tiger, Rick finally found the clues to the whereabouts to these and stole them for his own personal use.  The title for “Bruiser Champion” was up for stake and it would be the final meeting between the twin brothers Nick and Rick.   Nick was destroyed within a matter of seconds and finally sent to retirement. 

F.A.S. has emerged once again to call on Master Phred and Little Mac to take down this powerhouse cheater.  He supplies Lil' Mac with a special keycode: 720 935 9237.  He warns Mac that extra buttons may need to be pressed to unlock this key.  Mac has only seen a demonstration of what Rick is capable of doing.  Can Little Mac defeat the Bruiser Champion? ...
Magic magic Ninja Gloves