Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Jack Hick
From:   Farmhill, CO
Age:   48
Weight:   220
Record:   49-5 35ko
WBD Points needed:    999,900 (1st fight)
7,000 (2nd fight)

Appears In:   Phred’s Cool Punch-Out!!

The man known as Jack Hick will punch and knock down anyone in his path.  He also uses Bald Bull’s “Bull Charge” to knock his opponents down on the mat.  Some claim that Jack Hick is actually a gymnastics coach in the carbon valley area, but that is just pure speculation.  He is a hick who has been raised on a farm ever since he was a little haystacking boy.  And he don’t give no hay when it comes to being easy on his opponents either so get ready to put up a fight with him in the boxing ring!
J-master Hizzle