Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Mr. Dream
From:   Dreamland
Age:   ??
Weight:   235
Record:   99-0 99ko
WBD Points needed:   5,000
Appears In:   Punch-Out!!

“The Legendary” Mr. Dream stepped up to the plate when Nintendo Mike Tyson's contract expired and Nintendo decided that it was not going to renew the contract.  Mr. Dream is actually better than he is in the video game but Nintendo told him to make it easier on Little Mac so it would be possible to defeat him.  Come to think of it, Strauss and F.A.S do the same thing as well because both of them are unstoppable.  But a game is a game, so if you would box Mr. Dream in reality, you would be out cold, I mean cold like you would be in a coffin.   Yeah....   not a pretty sight.
Mista Dreazzle