Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Mr. Sandman
From:   Philadelphia, PA
Age:   31
Weight:   284
Record:   27-2 21ko
WBD Points needed:   999,000
Appears In:   Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Punch-Out!! (ARCADE)
Super Punch-Out!! (SUPER NINTENDO)
Punch-Out!! (Wii)

If anybody knows if Mr. Sandman was created from that stupid song, let me know.  Anyhow, Mr. Sandman has been giving his opponents dreams on the mat for centuries with his “Dream Punch” combo.  Three uppercuts (or four) and you will be down on the mat and far away in dreamland.  Just watch yourself with Mr Sandman because he is one skilled veteran.
Mista Sand tha man with da dream plan