Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Nick Bruiser
From:   ?????????
Age:   ??
Weight:   250
Record:   44-2 44ko
WBD Points needed:   14,000
Appears In:   Super Punch-Out!! (SUPER NINTENDO)
Phred’s Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo

Nick was on top of the boxing world.  Getting ready to have a dream match against Mr. Dream, he was ranked down due to his loss from Super Punch-Out!!.  After he was ready to take the top spot in the boxing world once again, he was publically humiliated.  An old tape that was recorded by someone very close to Nick shows his first match and it was a loss.... to Glass Joe!  Worse than that, it was a sanctioned W.V.B.A bout that was forgotten about and the W.V.B.A Championship Committee made public knowledge of this and adjusted Nick's record to reflect this embarassing loss.  Nick couldn't take the ridicule anymore and went into a silent retirement.  But as the years have passed, Nick knew he was the best and decided to follow his twin brother Rick's decision to re-enter the ring once again.  Can he redeem himself after his embarassing loss?  Did I mention that his embarassing loss was to Glass Joe?
Nick nock on the clock but the party dont stop