Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   Shadow Dude
From:   A Glitch in the Matrix
Age:   ??
Weight:   ???
Record:   0-1 0ko
Appears In:   100% FAKE - DOES NOT EXIST

The Shadow Dude was a part of my original FAKE secret character page that I had back in the day to fool all the n00bs with.  But now that the original fake Secrets page is no more, Shadow Dude needs a new home.  So here he is with all of the other Punch-out alumi.  Congratulations Shadow Dude on becoming a better known character!  You could have been a part of my Phred's Cool Punch-out 2 Turbo hack, but F.A.S. and Jeko Knight beat you to it.  Better luck next time!
Shadizzle Doodizzle my brothizzle