Phred’s Cool Punch-out!! Characters
Name:   SW7 Destroyer
From:   Phred’s Lab
Age:   ??
Weight:   660
Record:   12-0 12ko
WBD Points needed:    9,000 (1st fight)
9,400 (2nd fight)

Appears In:   Phred’s Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo

The machine known as the SW7 Destroyer has been built by a mad scientist and the newly created machine is now wreaking havoc wherever it goes.  This machine is like the Terminator but with a better accent.  Very heavy and somewhat indestrctible, it is hard to imagine how someone can take this machine down with just boxing skills.  Some might claim that if you turn the initials SW7 upside down, it reads LMS which stands for Lisa Marie Sharp, but that is just pure speculation.  But anyhow, the SW7 Destroyer is now dedicated to destroy all opponents in the boxing ring.  It is up to you to show it wrong!
SW7D fo real