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Welcome fellow MasterCook user!

The MasterCook Cupboard is your resource for program tips, frequently asked questions (FAQs), how-to's, and links to MasterCook resources and places to discuss food and MasterCook on the web.

Check out these tutorials to get started: MasterCook Tips & Tutorials


MasterCook 11 is the most current version. It was released in 2010.

What is MasterCook?
MasterCook is recipe management software. It is currently owned and being developed by ValuSoft Cosmi and can be purchased at For a history of releases go here: MasterCook Products

bulletYou can enter your own recipes, up to 12,000 recipes per cookbook, in an unlimited number of cookbooks.
bulletIt can perform a nutritional analysis of recipes you enter yourself, as well as the recipes that come with the program.
bulletYou can import scanned or internet recipes into the program; editing is required.
bulletYou can add recipes or food items to a meal plan for a week or other period of time.
bulletMasterCook can print out a shopping list for recipes, menus, or meal plans.
bulletYou can code the recipes with categories (unlimited categories per cookbook), cuisines, etc., and sort the recipes in a cookbook by various criteria (title, category, source, author, etc.)
bulletFast search features can locate recipes by keyword, or recipes that include or exclude a specific ingredient or an ingredient family - like "beef".

For more detailed information, check out the *. pdf copy (electronic copy of the printed manual) on ValuSoft's web site: CLICK HERE (Either left-click on the link to view it in your web browser or right-click on the link to SAVE TARGET AS to save it to your computer to view later.) It is a *.PDF file and requires Adobe's free Acrobat Reader program.


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