Services & Rates

  • Competition Preparation: Transforming oneself into a competition-ready state is one of the most challenging fitness goals one can pursue. Andy has coached countless athletes to victory in all of the major bodybuilding, figure, physique, and bikini classes at both an amateur and professional level.

  • Diet Consultation

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training: Let Andy personally guide you through your workouts with one-on-one attention to achieve the best results in most efficient and safest way possible.

  • Personalized Training Plans: Get a training plan that is 100% customized EXACTLY to your body, your fitness goals, and your lifestyle.

  • Presentation/Posing Training: Ask any former competitor, and they will tell you that your on-stage posing techniques can have enormous impact on your placing in competition. Get educated on your posing and presentation by Andy, with years of experience as an NPC judge and head judge.

  • Etc.


  • Competition/Contest Preparation (Call for Pricing):Complete preparation program includes diet, supplementation, cardio program, weight training plan, posing/presentation routine, etc. Must be paid in full 6 weeks out from competition. Price covers multiple consecutive shows. Please contact Andy directly for competition prep pricing.

  • Personal Training w/ Food Plan($500/10 sessions):Includes 60 minutes of one-on-one weight training/workout & cardio programs. A food management program is also included with this program.

  • Personal Training ($300/10 sessions):Includes 30 minutes of one-on-one weight training/workout & cardio programs.

  • Personalized Training Plan ($150-$200/month):Individualized weight training, cardio, and food management plan to suit YOUR workout venue and lifestyle, as well as monthly meeting for weigh-in, body fat testing, and planning updates.