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The Medical College in Gobi-Aimak

The medical Center in Gobi-Aimak (MCG) was organized in 1973. This Medical Center has a Medical school and Aimacal Central Hospital. MCG has produced Medical technicians and Medical personals for western Aimaks of Mongolia.

The Medical College in Dorno-Gobi aimak (MCD)

MCD was founded in 1968. MCD consists from Medical College and Aimacal Central hospital. MCD has more 120 academic staff. MCD has prepared Medical personals and technicians and physicians for east-shourth aimaks of Mongolia. Medical college of MCD enrols 100 students in each year, Central hospital has 120 beds.

School of Nursing

School of nursing was established in 1946. Currently the school of nursing enrols 200 students annually, has more than 40 full time faculty members, the goal of the school of nursing is to develop and produce hospital nurses in Mongolia.


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