Making Christian Web Pages
Your Web page is an opportunity to share your faith,
use the unique talents and abilities that have been given to you
and share God's Word with the world.

Getting Started:

All you need to start, is a heart for the Lord, and a willing, teachable spirit. The Lord will surprise and
amaze you with the results!
Consult the Lord on every aspect of your page, and be patient with yourself.

How Pages are Created:

Learning HTML or HTML editors:

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is used to create documents on the World Wide Web. HTML is a relatively simple language that utilizes elements, such as TAGS to create the desired features of the page.
There are many sites that offer good introductions to HTML. A great site to learn HTML and see the results of what you are doing is... HTML for Beginners- An interactive tutorial
Another good resource site, is the HTML color chart

For those not wishing to take the time to learn the code many products are now available that write the code for you. Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 both have HTML editors. Netscape has Netscape Composer and Internet Explorer has Front Page Express. HTML editors give you an extra advantage by allowing you to simply point and click to place text, graphics, links, and sound.

Finding a Site for your Pages:

If you are wanting your own " or .com", you will have to find a server to host your web site (such as HiWay Technologies). There is a fee for hosting your web site and also a fee to the InterNic to register your web site name.

There are many sites on the Net that are giving away free space for your personal homepage. Because they are free...there will usually be some sort of advertising on them, in the form of "pop up" boxes or banners that appear on the page. Unless you are wanting to spend money to have your own web site...these advertisements are just a minor inconvenience. Many of these sites (such as Tripod and Geocities) also offer you the option to have a site without advertising for a minimal monthly fee. Most of the sites listed below have a basic HTML editor built right into their site, if you want to get started right away without learning HTML or learning to use your HTML editor.

Free web hosting sites
11 megs of free space (*Note* this site's host server and one of the best!)
11 megs of free space
Gentle Ministries-
5 megs of free space
5 megs of free space

Now, with the technical stuff out of the can go on to the "fun" stuff!


  • Decide on what your homepage will be called and what you are going to want to include in it. Start with the first page and go from there.

  • Search the Internet for backgrounds and graphics that you want to use on your pages. On most computers, you can save graphics by "right-clicking" on the graphic that you want to save...and click on "save picture as". For backgrounds..."right-click" anywhere on the background and then click on
    "save Background as". You might want to create a file folder on your computer specifically for your graphics and backgrounds.
    Please be considerate to the web artists and provide links back to the sites that request one. Most of these graphics are provided free of charge as a service and ministry to the Christian web community.

    Christian Backgrounds & Graphics Sites:
    For His Glory~ Christian Backgrounds & Graphics
    For His Glory

    777 Images
    Free Christian Images
    Christian Graphics Ring
    Christian Graphics Gallery
    In His Image- Excellent site
    In His Image

  • Search the Internet for Midis (music) that you want to use on your pages. On most computers you can "right-click" on the midi device that comes up to play the midi and go to "save as". Again, you may want to create another specific file folder for just midis.
    Christian Midi Sites:
    New Song Online- Praise & Worship Excellent site!
    Searching the Internet for a specific midi- Great midi search engine!

Additional Tools:

Webtrackers- Track the amount of hits to your site and where they come from.
Site Meter, Web Tracker

FTP (file transfer protocol) Programs- You can FTP your pages to your server instead of using their online editor. It is often more simple to use these programs then trying to wait on the online editors. The one that I have used most often is WS FTP.
Download WS FTP and WS FTP Help Guide

More Home Page design sites:
Annie's Simple Guide to Homepage Design

How To Get your Web Page Seen by others:
Search Engines-
There are many to choose from: Alta Vista & Yahoo . Or you can choose to use a service that adds your web site to 34 major search engines in exchange for a link to their site (Add Me.Com).
There are also several Christian Search engines that you can list on. See
Annie's Christian Search Page.

Web Rings- At present, there are 601 Christian web rings that you can join. They have HTML that you will need to insert on your page and other directions in which to join. Christian Web rings (*note* you may have to search on the word "Christian" to retrieve the list)

Banner Exchanges- Banner Exchange programs are really advertising brokers that people click thru.They will ask you to post other peoples banners on your site. You don't have control of what type of banners are posted on your pages. So you will want to be careful in what banner exchange programs that you sign up for.
One of the better banner exchanges is
Christian banner Exchange. You can also add a disclaimer after the banner exchange saying that you do not necessarily endorse the sites listed in the above banners.

Give Awards- Awards are one of the best ways to create more traffic to your site. Everyone loves recognition. Offering an award can double the hits to your site quickly. The more sites that have your award, the more hits you will get.You can have one that fits both the Christian and non-Christian...or you can have seperate ones for each site. To get your award noticed in the web community, you will need to go out there on your own and locate sites to present them to. Twenty is a good number to begin with. After you give out the initial twenty your site will begin to get the hits. Another way to get people to know that you have an award is to place it on sites that have a list of links to sites that present awards.Here is one to get you started: Award Site Heaven

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