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29/5: Some news from the band !

"Hi everyone who has supported us over the years in some way or another. No more label deals at the moment so we are doing a three stage album independently. First stage is complete, 4 new songs 'I fear no-one', 'Flesh', 'Flick the switch' and 'Swear Allegiance' have been completed and sound pretty cool, yet to be mastered. 6 songs to go so will keep you all up-dated. As for tabs of our songs yeah we will get there one day, i write them in my head play them with my hands and move on to the next one so tabs are hard things for me to get the time to do. Have fun and don't be afraid, Yak. 'Metanoia'"

Metanoia have just finished recording their latest release !!! Look forward to a brilliant five or six track disc, with the latest live tracks from the band. More info on this soon !

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