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List of Megaman games


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List of Megaman games
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Here is the list of Megaman Games:
Original series
-Megaman (NES, PC)
-Megaman 2 (NES)
-Megaman 3 (NES, PC)
-Megaman 4 (NES)
-Megaman 5 (NES)
-Megaman 6 (NES)
-Megaman 7 (SNES)
-Megaman 8 (PS1, Saturn)
-Megaman & Bass/ Rockman & Forte (SNES, GBA, WS)(Not Megaman 9...This can be proven if you wanna get techinical)
Megaman X series
-Megaman X (SNES, PC)
-Megaman X2 (SNES)
-Megaman X3 SNES, PS1, Saturn, PC)
-Megaman X4 (PS1, Saturn)
-Megaman X5 (PS1 ,PC)
-Megaman X6 (PS1)
-Megaman X7 (PS2, Not released until November)
Megaman X gameboy series
-Megaman Xtreme (GBC)
-Megaman Xtreme2 (GBC)
Zero Series
-Megaman Zero (GBA)
-Megaman Zero 2 (GBA, Not released yet)
Gameboy games
-Megaman (GB)
-Megaman 2 (GB)
-Megaman 3 (GB)
-Megaman 4 (GB)
-Megaman 5 (SGB)
Legend series
-Megaman Legends (PS1, N64)
-Megaman Legends 2 (PS1)
-Misadventures of Tron Bonne (PS1)
Battle Network series
-Megaman Battle Network (GBA)
-Megaman Battle Network 2 (GBA)
-Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue/White versions (GBA)
-Megaman Network Transmission (GCN)
Complete Works series
-Megaman (PS1)
-Megaman 2 (PS1)
-Megaman 3 (PS1)
-Megaman 4 (PS1)
-Megaman 5 (PS1)
-Megaman 6 (PS1)
Spin offs and Appearances
-Megaman Soccer (SNES)
-Megaman: Wily Wars (Genesis)
-Megaman: The Power Fighters (Arcade)
-Megaman 2: The Power Battle (Arcade)
-Marvel VS. Capcom 1 & 2 (PS1, Dreamcast, PS2)
-Capcom VS. SNK 1 & 2 (PS1, Dreamcast, PS2)
-Super Adventure Rockman (PS1)
-Rockboard (NES)
-Rockman Battle & Chase (PS1)
-Megaman (GG)
I think thats all of them to date...