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In 1997 the Kennel Club granted my my affix 'HOLCROFT' Tosca was the first dog to have the affix added. We are totally dedicated to producing Labradors of consistent type who are bred not only for their good looks but their excellent temperaments too. All Holcroft dogs are hip scored and eye tested.


'Tosca' Toscan Midnight Dancer of Holcroft. My first stud dog, Tosca was trained to the gun and loved to work, when Tasha went blind he would escort her around outside, he was such a gentle dog.


Here they are again with me.. ohh it seems like so long ago


Next came 'Ella' Pappavero Diamante and 'Tara' Fudge surprise at Holcroft. Bought at the same time when they were seven weeks old. These two were also trained to the gun.


Then it happened, I had been bitten by the 'show bug'. I bought a choc girl all the way from Scotland.. Gartinstarrybright of Holcroft.. 'Minstrel'.  She did very well in her short show career, I was forced to retire her to to health issues.


Ella and Tosca had one litter of seven blacks.. These were the two I kept, 'Homer' Holcroft High and Mighty.. and 'Dexter' Holcroft Little Boy Blue. My first home bred show dogs, they did quite well for me. They were such sweethearts to live with.


This is 'Shelby' Holcroft Powerpuff Bubbles, from Tara's second litter, she is Minstrel's half sister. She too did quite well in the ring, She is five years old in the pic.

Unfortunately we run into problems with our line... the dreaded bad hips and poor mnstrel has epilepsy. So Tara, Minstrel and Shelby have been demoted to pet status and we started again.. with MADISON. Mallendyke Snow Crystal at Holcroft.