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January 2001

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Halt Stanley Lingar’s Execution Set Feb. 6
State officials seem intent to start this millennium like they ended the last one, with a state killing. The Missouri Supreme Court set an execution date for Stanley Lingar, who would be the 47th killed since in our state since 1989. Prison workers plan to pump him with poison late Tuesday night, officially just a few minutes after midnight on February 7

Recalling Those Executed in 2000 and all Victims of Violence
During 2000, five men were tragically executed in Missouri...more

Jeff Stack's reflections on the recent execution of Jim Chambers

Information about bills in the Missouri General Assembly

Journey of Hope Planning Meeting - January 22, Monday night at 7:00
  Other upcoming events

Banish Idea of a Boone County Jail Expansion

Ashcroft Nominated for Top Cop Spot

Call President Clinton:
Urge an End to Iraqi Sanctions.
Grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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