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On this page you will find Interviews with and stories about some of the people who have been executed by the State of Missouri.

Remember, because some of these stories were written while the subjects were still alive, some of the articles still contain verbs in the present tense.

  • October 24th set for Execution of Stephen Johns
    His petition for clemency has been submitted to the Governor

    More details available

  • Michael Roberts Executed by the State of Missouri early October 3rd

         We are shocked and greatly saddened by the brutal and senseless murder of Mary Taylor and extend our condolences to her family. However, we cannot condone the state's murder of another human being.

  • Halt October 2 Execution of Michael Roberts
  • Jerome Mallett Killed under the Gaze of Rep. Hulshof

  • Hulshof was Mallettís public defender at his original trial and later became one of Missouriís top death-penalty prosecutors as an assistant state attorney general

    To send a letter of condolence to the family of Jerome Mallett, write to:
    Patrick Mallett, 8802 Orchard, Jennings, Missouri 63136

    July 11 has been set for the execution of Jerome Mallett, sentenced to die for the killing of a Missouri State Trooper.

    Gov. Holden: End Missouriís Serial Killing; Halt July 10 Execution of Jerome Mallett
         Read Mallett's Clemency Application

    From his lawyer, Kevin Locke, we have his clemency request and a summary of his case
    Aritha Payne, the mother of Marlin May (who was killed by Smith) has spoken out against Smith's execution

    Mose Young Murdered by Missouri
    Read the local reports from the Columbia Missourian and the Columbia Daily Tribune
    You'll find more about his case at the Eastern Missouri Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty website or his Application for Clemency

  • Srs. Christine Martin and Audrey Locke, members of the Franciscan convent outside Savannah, Missouri, were the spiritual guides with Mose Young prior to his execution last month... What follows are some of their reflections from the ordeal

  • Tomas Ervin was executed March 28, 2001, 12:01 a.m.

    Jim Chambers, executed by Missouri November 15, 2000
    Read Chambers' clemency application
    Jeff Stack's reflections on the recent execution of Jim Chambers

    Gary Roll acknowledged he had killed two people and aided in the killing of a third.
    Another story on Gary Roll

    George Harris says he killed a man as well, yet both for years have contended their actions were not done with the cool deliberation theoretically required to warrant a death sentence. Roll no longer can explain nor yet again ask for forgiveness. He was poisoned to death by Missouri state workers late Tuesday night, officially on Aug. 30. State officials killed Harris in the opening minutes of September 13, 2000.
    Another story on George Harris
    Interview with George Harris

    Stanley Lingar Executed by the State of Missouri February 7, 2001
    -News reports of the execution, including local stories
    -Many troubling problems with the prosecution of his case
    -Stanley Lingar's application for clemency

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