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Philipp Michel Reichold on #Sciencefiction
Thursday, 14 March 2013
asimov's science fiction magazine 2013 april may
Now Playing: asimov's science fiction magazine 2013 april may
Topic: Asimov's Science Fiction

The Other Gun is one of Neal Asher's Polity stories. The wonderful use he makes of Polity technology to expand and explore the definition of "human" always delights me. Did not see the ending coming. His rough, tough protagonist matched against his troödon foil builds a story in which the reader longs for the moment he uses The Other Gun.

Julian of Earth by Colin P. Daniels tells a tale of deception, greed and comeupance mixed in with loyalty to an ideal with a mix of self discovery. 

Gray Wings by Karl Bunker reminded me of Robert Silverberg's Nightwings. It is a much more down to earth story of two worlds.

Distant Like the Stars by Leah Cypess tells of a young woman, desperate to find her path away from home, who finds  it's her way home as well. The Internet has shrunk our world uncomfortably for some. Imagine the effect instantaneous travel would have. The story reminded me of Harry Harrison's One Step from Earth Matter Transmitter stories, with the added detail of the need for a particularly talented individual to open the Door through which travelers travel.

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Posted by mike_reichold at 5:13 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 19 March 2013 5:01 AM EDT
Wednesday, 31 October 2012
reading asimov's science fiction january 2013
Topic: Asimov's Science Fiction
alaya dawn johnson they shall salt the earth with seeds of glass-- invader drones that mine your wheat but provide pre natal care

kit reed the legend of Troop 13-- girl scouts that are certainly prepared

will mcintosh over there-- teleport experiment goes awry

james van pelt the family rocket- what father wouldn't take his kids to mars?

nancy kress mithridates, he died old-- and bitter

suzanne palmer hotel-- Do you have a reservation?

Posted by mike_reichold at 6:20 PM EDT
Monday, 2 April 2012
June 2012 Asimov's Science Fiction story list
Topic: Asimov's Science Fiction

The preview in Asimov's doesn't do Megan Arkenberg's Final Exam justice. It is a poignant and imaginative metaphor about loss and regret.

 In Jack McDevitt's Waiting at the altar, Captain in training Hutch gets a lessonin going beyond the book. The girl has no sense of Enterprise-- no desire to exceed orders and do the decent thing, or to boldly go where aliens might have been. Her trainer, is an Intrepid sort. Jack McDevitt over-dependence on Benny, the computer that like HAL or a Polity ship AI runs everything. Humans seem superfluous. Maybe that's why they lack initiative, are content to go by the book, are not curious about something that seems to me would be of paramount interest--FIRST CONTACT. An intersting political undertone is the reluctance to involve government or officialdom in something as momentous as first contact coupled with a relucance to give aliens a hint at where n the universe Earth is. The story also gives a hint at the ephemeral nature of sentient space travels against the temporal vastness of the Universe.

In The Flowering Ape by Alan DeNiro, a teenager overcomes awkwardness to gain friends and come into her own. A bit monotonous in the middle, but fascinating  conceptually and the ending moves along well enough.

 arkenberg, Megan

final exam
deniro, Allenthe flowering ape
kelly, James Patrickencyclopedic!
mathe, dorottya 
mcallister, Brucefree range
mcdevitt, jackwaiting at the altar
mcintosh, willpossible monsters
rivera, mercurio dmissionaries
silverberg, Robertrereading Phillip k dick
sparhawk, budscout
wallace, Kalithe widdershins clock
williams, Sheilawe have met the alien









The Widdishins Clock by Kali Wallace deals with caring about an aging relative, time travel, and Schrödinger's equation. 


Posted by mike_reichold at 12:07 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 8 April 2012 10:03 AM EDT

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