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These are links to my scribblings over the past twenty years. Some of them are essays written for classes. Others are reviews of Science Fiction. Some are attempts at poetry. May you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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on The Aeroliths By Stephen Case Case Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue 212
The Aeroliths is a gusty tale about dispossessed nobility, deception and using the talents of the talented to further Imperial ambition. It is about the vanity of Imperial pretense and the eventual fall. In the end, it is about home-faring. The Aeroliths By Stephen Case

The Aeroliths By Stephen Case Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue 212, (external link)

On Analog January/February 2010
Analog Science Fiction Science Fact is the oldest surviving Science Fiction magazine. As Analog's (then Astounding's) editor, John W. Campbell ushered and nourished the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Campbell insisted on science in Science Fiction. Today, Analog still contains hard science stories and has a regular Science Fact feature. I had not read Analog in years, and am absolutely thrilled with my first issue in far too long. In a world where I feel I would be better off without a television, It's refreshing to find drama and suspense that does not reek of violence, and comedy and humor that is not redolent with obscenity/profanity. At a time when the Discovery Channel has reached new lows in pseudo science, it is encouraging to read science popularizations that are actually based in science.

The American Deam
The American dream, it has been said, means different things to different people. Differences in wealth and status affect the meaning of the dream for different people. Its meaning has also changed repeatedly over time. An eighteenth century, white, male plantation owner's answer to the question, "What is the American Dream?" would probably be different from that of a modern, female, black business woman. A common essence shines through these many aspects of the American dream. In this essential American dream can be seen three complementary facets- freedom from want, freedom from threat of physical danger, and freedom of choice. Read more

On Arena-- StarTrek TOS episode & Fredric Brown scifi story
Watching Kirk get bounced and battered by the Gorn in Arena and thinking about Fredric Brown's Arena, which I read in Dave Drake’s Space Galdiators. In the Star Trek episode, Enterprise hotly pursues alien raider, later identified as Gorn, that destroyed and massacered and Earth colony. Both ships are stopped dead my supernal aliens who object to their disruptive, barbaric, vengeful bloodlust. They remove both captains to a special place for them to battle to the death. The victor's ship and are to crew go on. The victim's ship and crew are to be destroyed. In the same way a human, Bob Carson and a nameless alien "Outsider" are chosen by ineffable aliens to champion, not just their fleets, but their entire civilizations. While the place of combat is similarly prepared, the motive is not one of moral disgust. Both Earth and the alien civilization would be destroyed in the coming fight. This way, one gets to go on. Read more

Arf-- A Poem by my Dog
Another of my poems written years ago.

On Barrington Bayley's Collission Course
I first read Barrington J. Bayley's Collision Course/Collision with Chronos more than thirty years ago. I must have given my first copy to the Goodwill. I searched for years before finding my current copy at Haslam's Books in St. Petersburg, Florida. They are the best. Collision Course is the sort of story you want to not lose. Read more
Childhood is a structure of Lies We Build around our children to provide them with the shelter they need to grow

Russia’s wealth had always been its people and Russia would invest in the people and its people not in soulless machinery

Red Legacy by Annie Brodsky was nominated in 2015 for a Sideways award. It describes in graphic terms the lengths to which a mother may be driven to save her child. A mother with virtually unlimited resources.

It is a shocking and imaginative tale about Lamarckism in which a Soviet Union Cold War era scientist violates all the rules to try to save her child and her family– leaving a bloody and Red Legacy. I’ve never seen American and British Society described this way before. From the Viewpoint characters you point she’s spot on. The challenge is to save her child and at the same time to protect the project from which she is diverting resources. A project that is intended to save the Soviet people in the event of a nuclear war.


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