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Bakuretsu Hunter Fan Stuff

This is just a little page a set aside for some Bakuretsu Hunter Fan Stuff by me and whoever else would like to have their stuff posted here. If you want a fic posted here, please read the guidelines before sending it to me.

Right now I have a few pics by me and my dear pen pal, Liu Tin. I also have a few fan fics I wrote awhile back. I hope you enjoy youself.

Bakuretsu Hunter, for those that don't know. Is a comic written by Akahori Satoru and drawn by Omishi Rei. It's also been made into an anime series. The artwork was lovely and one of the reasons I got into the series (that and Marron ^-^). My overall intrest in the series has since dwindled but I had a few things lying around so I thought I'd stick them here. Truthfully, though, this is more to show off my friend's work.

Enough with my babble. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Disclaimer: No Money is being made of this page. It is for entertainment only

Last Update:03-13-2000

The Fiction

Just to clear a few things up, all these fics were posted on another site under the name Shadow X. Well, that's me and I just wanted to make this clear so nobody will think I stole these fics. I mean, look at them. If I were going to steal fics, I'd steal some better ones ^_~.

Deathmatch *NEW 03-13-2000*
What happens when Marron has had it with Carrot's behaviour?

Tiraella *NEW 03-13-2000*
A re-telling of Cinderella with a BH twist.

The Sleeping Hentai *NEW 03-13-2000*
Another re-telling of a classic fairy tale

The Art

By Liu Tin

The BH girls having way too much fun with Marron^-^

Marron holding a Carrot doll.

A sad-looking Marron :(

Happy Marron :)

Not BH but it's cute and I didn't have anyplace else to put it.

By P.Rico (me ^-^x)



Same as above but modified by PhotoPlus


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