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 MO DJ is one of the hottest Dj's that has a unique reputation for non-stopping, crowd rocking that's expressed through his turntable skills and his love for music. MO Dj has been a veteran of the west coast music scene for over a quarter of a century and has been grateful to experience many events around the globe. From Dj'ing large venues to producing unique artists and remixes, MO DJ stays involved in almost every facet of the Music Industry!

 MO DJ has played at major clubs in LA and OC such as My Studio, Eden,The Spider Club, Level 3, Kress, Ecco, Ivar, Mood, Josephs, J Lounge, Facade, V20, Chateaux, Envy, Sutra, The Yost Theater, Posch, Ten (X) and Avec.

 MO DJ has also played in Las Vegas, Miami, London, Jamaica, and Beirut. He has done events such as the Transworld Award Show, KROQ Weenie Roast, and has worked with the likes of T.S.O.L., Agent Orange, Mickey Avalon, Dirty Heads, Eddie Flashin' Folkes, Swedish Egil, Switch (major lazer) Steve Castro, Nervo, Dj E-man, Dj Virman, Dj Reflex, Dj Turbulence, Dj Ever, Dj Vice, Dj Echo, Eric Cubeechee, Dj Scotty Boy, LMFAO, The Pharcyde, Bone Thugs, E-40, Warren G and Curtis Young.

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