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Team TBH

TBH has grown. We have many mature veterans kicking the hell out of our enemies, such as TM aka fake mafia. TM are often no where to be found. They hang out at Deciet Bone Knights Room, so if you go there, bring a buddy or two. TM's tried several times to invade the tower, but each time we would repel the attack successfuly by killing them all or making them recall. With team spirit like this picture here shows, we can accomplish anything.

TBH at TM's Home:

With a force like this, would you mess with TBH??

It is official! TBH uniform will be true black dress and regular black shirt/tunic. The regular black is simply the blackest color you can get from the new dye tubs, it looks grey actually. Get dressed up!

Family Message Board
We now have a new message board up and running. It's got very cool functions such as attatching a pic with a post. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. :)

Last note for NON-TBH members that read our site. Well i think that's totally cool and all, but NOTICE that this is the TBH website, it doesn't say TBH/Enemies ALL THINGS EQUAL WEBSITE. So please don't complain that this website's news is in favor of TBH. I try to show both sides, but if it seems biased to us, have more understanding about it.


TOURNEY RULES: More rules may be posted later on, and are subjected to change. As of now, new time limit is 5 mins per duel, and the area will be smaller to avoid endless cat and mouse chases. The winner if no death, will be determined by whoever took the opponets life bar to the lowest ANY TIME in that 5 minutes. No trapped boxes/pouches no potions, no poisoned weapons, and no magical wands/staffs/weapons/armour/item will be allowed.

Treasure Hunts

For those whom has treasure maps (preferabily level 3 or higher), contact Ody #2's treasure hunter at ICQ: 11737895. You can take anyone you wish to help out.
Here he is:

TBS's Support to TBH: We will have war supplies provided by TBH/TBS, we know it's hard to fight a war when you are broke, so due to Bart's advices, and support or everybody, we hope to lessen the pain of death in war with these:
Platemail Armour, Studded Armour, Leather Armour, GM katana, GM Kryss, GM Bows, Arrows, and Bolts.

Important: When town fighting, it is best to turn on noto querey to prevent accidental guard kills!

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