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Last update for this site was almost EXACTLY 2 years ago!! Can you believe the time?? I am proud to say that we have pretty much done everything we had hoped for 3 years ago when The British Mining Company revealed ourselves as The Black Hand. Many players has came and went, many key family members and many foes. Many things have changed, people have changed. However, as foreseen by your Capo, one thing has NOT changed, and will probably never change; this is the name we've been branded with, held onto all these years, TBH. I am proud to have had members that are no longer with us such as Kane, Lepper, Capone, Nutt (hope he come back to play more), Rob, Moraine, Anvilhead, Spitfyre, Bonnie, Kat, and our very creator Bart. I know I am missing A LOT of names, but I do not want to list them all here, and will probably make a special section that lists everyone I can think of. With that said, I want to tell all of you current gamers how much I appreaciate your presence. Without you there isn't a guild, and you make UO that much better for everyone, especially me.

Siege Perilous

Now, TBH has been well, not so active on Pacific lately. The Renaissance edition brought the lame Trammel Shard into our lives. Factions are just not as fun anymore, there is little to no purpose to the fighting. So TBH has began it's chapter on Siege Perilous shard. We are less than a month old, and are growing rapidly. We have established some wealth and our fighters are getting stronger by the day. We will be more than happy to help train all former members of TBH on that shard. We are mainly devoted to magery but workers are welcome as well. I hope you can join us if you are not already with us, we will be a force not to reckon with. Btw, I'm using this website as a temporary solution, so don't bag on me for poor design :P

News Reporters Needed
TBH website will be constantly updated with the latest news. I need you guys to report and take pics of the latest stories. Anyone can send me info and or pictures for me to review.

Seeking Treasure Hunters

TBH is in need of a treasure hunter on Siege Perilous. We have several maps from tough monsters but nobody to decipher them. I know it's hard to work a treasure hunter up, but if you are dedicated, you can be sure we will back you up financially 100% to GM skills.

Remember our guild Charter

In unity there is strength. This applies greatly to Siege Perilous.

Last note for TBH enemies that read our site. Well i think that's totally cool and all, but NOTICE that this is the TBH website, so please don't complain that this website's news is in favor of TBH. I try to show both sides, but if it seems biased towards us, live with it.

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