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Molko Spitting ImageBrian Molko of the band Placebo has, to the disgrace of many, been found to have a terrible habit of spitting while on stage. At first it was thought to be the result of bad manners, but after extensive clinical and psychological research on Molko, it was discovered that he has the rare and dreaded Spitting Illness. Although these spitting incidents were indeed not due to bad manners, a new problem has arisen. Brian Molko is one of very few human subjects to have contracted this illness. Most people you will find spitting simply have bad manners. But having the Spitting Illness is a far worse situation. As of yet, there is no known cure for this HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS disease.

This brings us to our primary area of concern. Being devoted and loving fans of David Bowie, we are highly concerned with the possibility that David may have caught this rare illness from Molko. And, for the sake of the rest of the poor people, we have included sections of concern for both the fans of Placebo as well as the rest of the band Placebo.

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If you have an inquiry, message, a photo of concern in which Molko is possibly transferring this disease to someone, or if you think YOU may have been in dangerous contact wtih Molko, email us at:

We are doing our best to help save David Bowie and others from catching this incurable disease.

Last updated: April 29, 1999