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Save the other band members of Placebo!!

The two other band members of Placebo; Stefan Olsdal and Steven Hewitt; are at highest risk of catching Brian Molko's Spitting Illness. The most at risk of the two is Stefan Olsdal, who apparently has or has had a hot and sticky, up and close relationship with Brian.

Dangerous kiss We're all for men sucking face with one another, but this particular photo has us worried for poor Stefan. Though there haven't yet been any reports of Stefan spitting upon the stage, we fear he may still have contracted it from Brian. Pictured here is Brian demonstrating one of his deep-throat techniques on Stefan.
We don't think Steven (pictured here with Brian) has the same "close" relationship that Stefan has with Brian, but he is still in danger of catching the Spitting Illness simply due to the fact that he is in the band. Steven is in danger too

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This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you have an inquiry, message, a photo of concern in which Molko is possibly transferring this disease to someone, or if you think YOU may have been in dangerous contact wtih Molko, email us at:

We are doing our best to help save David Bowie and others from catching this incurable disease.