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Bowie in Danger!
Band in Danger!
Fans in Danger!
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A note to our viewers

Save the fans of Placebo and others!!

Anyone who meets Brian, or touches anything he has spit on, sweated on, etc. has a chance of catching the Spitting Illness from him. This is a highly contagious illness and has been known in years past to have been transmitted through touching hands or even breathing the same air (within a 2 foot radius). One may also catch it from touching any item onto which the disease carrier has transferred saliva or any other bodily fluid.

Brian slurping a CD Here, Brian and Stefan are holding up a CD with their mouths. Though this is a unique way of holding a CD, it is dangerous when Brian is involved. We are hoping that this CD belongs to Brian and that it has not been given to a fan or anyone else!
Sharing grapes with friends is a fine thing indeed, but not a good idea when they have been licked and slobbered on by Brian. Grapes

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This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you have an inquiry, message, a photo of concern in which Molko is possibly transferring this disease to someone, or if you think YOU may have been in dangerous contact wtih Molko, email us at:

We are doing our best to help save David Bowie and others from catching this incurable disease.