Added Chinese Chess to the Games section February 8, 2001
Found my password again :)
Updated the period costume page, added 4 new pics. Thumbnailed the period soldier pictures Updated the period soldier pictures Added 3 new pictures to the period soldiers Added a games section under Culture Added Ming-Mang (with Flash) to games section
February 8, 2001
Updated the links page, added 7 new links. Added family tree to the Genesis section. July 23, 2000
Updated the site map. It now has links to most spots
on the page.
Also added the start of the royal gallery under genesis. It is
a page for pictures of the khans and their queens
July 13, 2000
Costume links should work in Netscape now
Broken return link from the LINKS page has been fixed
Added a site map
Added period pictures of the soldier under army
April 23, 2000
Web forum has been added under the "Discussion" main menu April 17, 2000
Started work on a name list from "Genghis Khan" by R.P. Lister April 16, 2000
Converted menus to style sheets to allow faster load times.
added a new java timeline to the Genesis section
April 15, 2000
Added a section on costumes under the "Culture/information" menu April 14, 2000
Added a section on felting under the "Culture" menu January 25, 2000 1:08am
Added a link to the Silk road armoury. January 9, 2000 5:42pm
Have started up a Mongolian web ring and added
pages to allow the addition of new sites to the ring.
Also added a last updated section on the main title page.
January 7, 2000 6:30pm
Added a section called dwellings to the culture section
Linked discussion group e-mail list to one-list
Added an area for articles on foods eaten
Added a more comprensive area on the soldier
Added a list of typical equipment
Added the first animated campaign map of the European campaign, would appreciate feed back on this feature,
October 21, 1999 7:32pm
Have added a family tree of Genghis Khan.
Started work on the discussion group
Have implemented a section on newsgroups
I have also set up a mailing list at one-list
called SCA_mongolia
October 19, 1999 1:43pm
Added a basic timeline of important
events in the Genesis Section.
Began the orginization section.
Have a small description of the basis
for the army layout, and a diagram showing all
10,000 guys(very tiny guys) on foot instead of
mounted. Also added a Bibliography, no sources in there yet though.
October 15, 1999 12:43am
Have begun to add sections on the army
and have added the basis for the "Genesis"
section. I added a drawing of a Mongolian warrior
in full armor. I hope to get a 3D rendering
up in it's place in the near future
October 14, 1999 11:40pm
I have added the counter back to it and
a few logos, which are also e-mail links
to me.
I have added a pictures section to the
persona area, so send me some pics of you in garb at
October 13, 1999 9:14pm
Web page has new look although
there is much to be done it is a good start
October 9, 1999 12:55am

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