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the pic you see above you was done by an artist on elf wood, her name is Ursula Vernon and she is very talented I loved  her art. I hope you do too. her link is http://www.metalandmagic.com

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well here we are a full almost year later and I haven't done much of any thing and I'm sorry. I've been busy and tired and working and it just does not work well when it comes to updating the web site. but here is a new poem that I hope you enjoy.



in order for this poem to make sence you need to read it like this; every other paragraph read it fast and with a beat. the first starts off slow.
"The back drop beat of my past"
like angry popcorn,
poping back into being,
my past reserfeses
its self.
in disbelief I try to kick
it in the head, if only to make
sure it`s real
this doubt, this pain.
three years have past
like a whirl of wind
nocking everything into
a nice black hole.
I thought it was gone,
dead, I thought I stabbed
it in the face!
I guess I was wrong
I guess I just tucked it
back, just laid it to sleep.
And now it's back.
 like eminem claiming slim shady
awake and causing havoc
in my soul.
falling out of my words and
seeping through my silence.
if you look closely you`ll
hear it, see it, feel it dripping
from every poor like guizers
and fountians flooding
every one.
as they look at me in
wide eyed shock and say
"are you alright?"
my reply....
silence; it brakes,
it brakes with the
sound of my foot
steps as I leave
the conversation and retreat
into my head, where
I comfort my newly awaken
pain and make it my
own again.
I become a clown.
an odd smile begins to
creep onto my face
it feels comfortable and safe.
now hiding in the trees and
muck behind my empty
brown eyes I am sure
I am free and no one will save me.
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I've put up new poetry and now new pictures! if you want to see more of my poetry go to www.eliteskills.com

3/2/04 - Added new photos


this pic is one that I thought was very beautiful, I'm very romantic when it comes to imagery.

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