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NATO neptune, pluto and astrology chart of NATO horoscope of NATO planets and astrocartography of NATO mundane astrology of NATO


Horoscope of NATO:

North Atlantic Treaty Organization





NATO = Mundane horoscope
NATO = Astrocartography
NATO = G-sector chart
NATO = Heliocentric Tropical
NATO = Heliocentric Sidereal


Neptune = 010
Pluto = 010
Mercury = 101
Venus = 110
Mars - 130
Saturn = 121
Sun = 131
Jupiter = 230
Moon = 231
Uranus = 311

Node = non-Transcendental (310)

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Over the North Atlantic in its Transcendental Midheaven position, adjacent to Western Europe




[Least-aspected Neptune - Pluto]



NATO: Truman signs the North Atlantic Treaty Organization agreement

Equally-underaspected Primary Transcendental Neptune, Pluto; Secondary Transcendental, Mercury.

Aug. 24, 1949
11.42.00 AM EDT (+04)
Washington, D.C.
77W01'00"; 38N53'00"
Asc: 02 Sc 59; Mc: 08 Le 38


Source: "The treaty came into being at 11.42 a.m. on 24 August 1949 when, folllowing the ratification of the treaty by France (the final country to do so) [what else is new?! - R.C.] President Truman signed the document bringing the treaty into force." Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, p. 483.


Commentary: Notable points include:

LAP Neptune
* in the Transcendental 12th House.
LAP Pluto in the Transcendental 10th House.
LAP Mercury in the Secondary Transcendental 11th House.

MAP Uranus ** in the Leading 9th House;
and ruler of the Leading 4th House.
Secondary MAP Moon in the Secondary Leading 10th House.


* LAP = "least-aspected planet(s)."
** MAP = "most-aspected planet(s)."


In the highlighted astrocartography maps for NATO, we find that a Primary Neptune-Pluto Transcendental Midpoint-Field runs over Washington DC and the United States, which is where NATO was "born," in Washington DC (the original NATO agreement was even called "The Treaty of Washington"), when President Truman finally signed the document which brought NATO into being. This chart also makes a great deal of sense if we view NATO as -- now more than ever -- an arm of the United States government, not to mention the United States military. What is of especial significance, though, is the fact that the MAP or most-aspected planet, Uranus, runs over directly over Western Europe, setting precisely above the Strait of Gibraltar, and touching the territories of Spain, France, Germany, and Poland, and then continuing north, over the Baltic Sea, near the southeast coast of Sweden and the coast of northwestern Russia. According to my theory, MAPs may indicate hubris when not tied-in to the numinous function symbolized by the least-aspected planets, or LAPs. While Primary Transcendental Neptune is also found in its powerful, Transcendental Midheaven position directly adjacent to Western Europe (fittingly, in the North Atlantic, which forms part of the NATO acronym, 'North Atlantic Treaty Organization') the question remains: Is it in Europe itself that NATO must be most careful not to overreach and suffer a fall? Or may Uranus instead symbolize the possibility of placing new and innovative thought -- especially thinking that focuses on reformations leading to greater liberties within the overall social collective matrix - in the service of Primary Transcendental Neptune and Pluto? The latter signify the world soul, the Yin-oriented global zeitgeist (NE) and its counterpart in global transformation, Pluto, the symbol of widespread Yang-oriented zeitgeist and deep seated, trans-societal change.


Other NATO horoscopes

NATO = Mundane horoscope
NATO = Astrocartography
NATO = G-sector chart
NATO = Heliocentric Tropical
NATO = Heliocentric Sidereal


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