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Horoscope of Pakistan:

Independence from the British



Gauquelin sector chart of Pakistan

Astrocartography of Pakistan


Moon = 021
Uranus = 030
Mars = 041
Mercury = 101
Neptune = 131
Saturn = 211
Pluto = 211
Sun = 221
Jupiter = 221
Venus = 421

Node = Transcendental (100)





[Least-aspected Moon] [Uranus]



     Pakistan: Independence from the British

Primary Transcendental Moon, Secondary Transcendental Uranus.

Aug. 15, 1947
00.00. AM INT (-05.30)
067E03'00"; 24N52'00"
Asc: 17 Ta 32; Mc: 04 Aq 32

Source: Nicholas Campion, "Book of World Horoscopes," p. 273.  

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The proclamation of the Republic of Pakistan





The Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography


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For information on aspect orbs, go here. The three-digit numerals indicating planetary strength are based on: major aspects [first number]; minor aspects [second number]; and aspects to ascendant and midheaven [third number]. The node is calculated separately.


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Horoscope of Pakistan