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cyber hypnosis
cyber hypnosis

A few words about cyber-hypnosis. Cyber-hypnosis is on line hypnosis, many people will ask themselves or it can be done on line. The answer is yes. Due the special circumstances of the location where I work (a holiday city) became it important for me to follow my patients up after their holidays, first I did this by telephone and about 10 years ago I started to use the internet to do this.


The cyber-hypnosis service is free of charge and can be used for hypnotherapy or for recreational hypnosis.


Many will ask how it works, well simple via voice chat. All you need are a set of speakers or headphones and preferably a webcam. In some cases the webcam is required, especially for regression therapy or recreational hypnosis.


MorPheus, offers on line many free mp3’s which he send you by e-mail whenever you ask for them. The only requirement is 10 Mb mailboxes.


There are different ways to join or contact this cyber-hypnosis service: there is the cyber-hypnosis mailing on yahoo


You can also send an instant message to MorPheus729 on the yahoo messenger.


More recently MorPheus try to keep a chat room open in Yahoo chat where interested people can come and chat about hypnosis, the weather, or where ever they like to chat about. The idea is to bring people with a common interest together so they find a free and easy place to meet. The chat room is located in:


Yahoo chat rooms, health and wellness, user’s rooms, cyber hypnosis.

You can also send an instant message to MorPheus729 on the yahoo messenger

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