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Morquito Ranch Equines


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100% Lippitt Mares:


Morquito's Estrella

Black/Bay 2004 100% Lippitt filly

(Karenza Centurion x Mira Vista Melissa)

Big, bold and beautiful.  

Should mature to 15h and will be one of our family riding horses.




Old Type Morgan Mares (Non & Part Lippitt bloodlines):



R&I'S Princess (Wachuset Cadence x CCR'S Seranada) 

Bay 1997  CMHA# 10646-

15hh , 1997 Bay half Lippitt mare.  Princess is a grand daughter of the immortal Waseeka's Showtime, Royalton Ashline and Meredith Bruce.  She is a typey old style Morgan with a big, bold square trot, that will catch your eye.  This mare is owned by my father in law and is driven in a matched team with her Dam.  


Princess has been bred to  

  Morquito's Carpe Diem 100% Lippitt 

for a 2006 foal, inquiries on this foal are welcome!



CCR'S Seranada  (Waseeka's Showtime x CCR's Frangelica) 

Bay 1988 CMHA# -8370-  -AMHA# 0113616-


1988 bay mare, faint star, small snip.  Tiny as we call her is a petite, sweet and pretty  14.2hh mare.  Owned by my Father In Law, she is broke to death for saddle and harness and has been shown in numerous Morgan shows in Canada and the US.  She is a Classic English Pleasure mare who has now been retired for breeding and my Father In Law's personal mount.  

She has given us beautiful babies by our late stallion Wachuset Cadence and  his son Morquito's Carpe Diem.   Producing old type Morgan foals with great temperaments, conformation and way of going.  


Tiny has been bred to 

Morquito's Carpe Diem 100% Lippitt   

for a 2006 foal, inquiries on this foal are welcome!