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Kolkata… An Enigma

That’s Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and India’s largest city, a seething mass of activity with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Kolkata has become a busy & flourishing city, the center of cultural as well as political and economic life of Bengal. It isn’t an ancient city like Delhi, with its impressive relics of the past. In fact, it’s largely a British creation & was capital of British India… once referred to as “The Jewel In The Crown Of The British Raj”.


No other city in India enjoys such visible contra’s, as does the city of joy of Lapiere. The quaint little fishing village has grown up to become the most populated city of India bearing the scars of more than three hundred years. It is truly an enigma that defies any description.


It is a city that throbs with vibrant life forces. It is an epitome of culture and creativity that nurtures and rejuvenates your thinking prowess. The city that displays stoical maturity during the most provoking situations and flies high the flags of communal harmony, behaves in the most erratic fashion over a game of cricket.


It’s THE place to make friends with, to be romantic, to taste rosogolla, to sing a song, to write a poem, to debate, to ride a bus, to walk in the rain, to shop, to play cricket, to watch football, to get refused by a taxi, to watch ‘natok’, to enjoy ‘adda’, to live in the warmth of your family, to have a golden heart and to be happy!


Love it or hate it, you can never ignore it’s enticing allure.