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Mrs Stock's Science World    
Science Olympiad follow this link


Team Progress Reports come home Monday!

Our team name is officially The Wildcats of Peace.  Next to find a logo...... suggestions email me.

Sorry this hasn't been updated regularly, there have been some technical problems with the file on my computer that are hopefully worked out now.

Wondering what the school schedule will be?  Go to the calendar page by clicking here:  

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This site is intended to extend the reach of the classroom and provide students and their parents support for what we do in class.  Don't forget to book mark this site.


What's up check out our current unit and what's up next.

Links - some just for fun, some general references and a list of sites for each of our units.

Grades - sign up to receive email grade reports every few weeks.

Contact - how to get in touch with your team teachers.

Educationalese - my philosophy of education for those who are interested.

Mrs Stock's classroom is room E102 in the newly completed Thunder Bay Junior High School, Alpena, Michigan
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